Monday, 16 April 2018

Watch the warriors of Nagas at Hornbill Festival, Kohima

The Hornbill Festival in Kohima, Nagaland would be a good idea if you are planning for some offbeat Indian destinations and wish to explore something unique and unexplored. During this festival, the diverse Naga tribes come together at the Kisama Heritage Village which is about 12 KM outside Kohima. India is a land of such a diverse culture and tradition that Indians themselves are unaware of many of them. Nagaland is a place which is still untouched and the tradition and culture which you would see here would surely keep you stupefied with awe. If you happen to plan your holidays to India, during the time of this festival I can bet you that you will surely have an experience of a lifetime.

The Hornbill Festival is the one most eagerly awaited and the one most cherished too. It falls every year during the first week of December and is celebrated by the locals with much passion and zeal. This festival is named after the bird Hornbill, one of the most honoured bird species. The bird Hornbill is also revealed in most of the songs and cultural dances of the place.

The festival also displays the warrior customs of Nagas where women also play a vital role. The warriors are the most feared and most respected clan too. There are numerous Naga tribes that participate in the festival display their marital customs with fast dance in which they beautifully flaunt their traditional swords and weapons.

The colours that are worn by the Naga folks depict nature and the colours take stimulation from the changing seasons. These are the true and vibrant colours of nature. The Naga tribal girls wear gold, stone and beads jewellery in colours like red, blue, onyx etc. The ornaments are made at home and are later stitched with the garments.

Whenever you get a chance to be a part of this interesting festival in India, don’t miss a chance to see the Naga wrestling in the neighbourhood avenue. Naga wrestling has its own peculiar style and costumes so it is always an interesting affair to see.

You will find the Naga people to be very kind and liberal. They will definitely greet you with warm gesture and wouldn’t mind if you click pictures with them.

At Hornbill Festival you will see a variety of vibrant colours, smiling faces, coy girls, ferocious warriors, lively dances and much more. So, book your flights to India and be there next.


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