Saturday, 14 April 2018

Experience the Warmth and Exuberance of Indian Culture

India sees university in diversity. Be the diverse culture, religion, language, beliefs, rituals and habits; India is the oldest civilization of the world where people still follow the ancient culture of love and humanity. To visit this diverse land you can book tickets to India and plan some long weekend getaways in India. The people of India follow their culture and inherit their tradition since long. They even pass this rich cultural heritage to generations ahead, so the nation is flourishing in terms of the rooted hospitality and warmth that is the trademark of the country. Culture could be seen in everything here, be it their traditional festivals, dance, fashion, food, music, attire, behaviour etc. India is the land where different cultures meet as the different topographical regions of India follow their own norms and cultural ethics.

The various religions of India origin from very old age, almost five thousand years with Hinduism being the oldest among others. As Hinduism originated from the Vedas all the Hindu scriptures have been scripted in the Sanskrit language. Jainism too has ancient origin and its existence was traced in the Indus Valley. Buddhism is a religion which was propagated by Lord Gautama Buddha. The French and Britishers who ruled for almost two centuries time brought Christianity to India. Similarly with time, many religions came to India and left their influence. When you travel to India, you will find that people here follow many religions yet they live peacefully, pursue their tradition and maintain harmony with each other.
The rich culture of India may be diverse owing to a wide variety of religions and traditions but one thing is common about every region that they follow the common culture of respect, love and affinity for their people, greet the visitors with common phrase, “atithi devo bhava” and the symbolic gesture of doing “Namaste” with folded hands. It is also in the culture of India to do fast, worship different Gods, touch feet of elders and do ceremonial rituals for the dead who are considered to bless the family that they belonged to. Here rivers like Ganga and Yamuna are worshipped as Goddesses and books are worshipped like Geeta and Guru Granth Sahib. To witness and feel the true warmth of India, just straightaway book flights to India and be the guests of affable Indians.


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