Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The Spiciest Cuisine in India

India is well known for its varied cuisine, owing to the diverse topography and regional differences. Climatic conditions, soil and the availability of water resources also affects the cuisine of that particular place. Here we will talk about South Indian cuisine which is widely relished all over the country especially in northern India though being a bit spicier than the other regional cuisines. When you book your holidays to India, don’t miss to treat your taste buds with this exotic South Indian cuisine.

Subtle on sauces and butter and generous on dried chilli powder with a good amount of whole red chillies, is what comprises of Andhra Cuisine. Andhra cuisine is the spiciest in the whole country and gives a punch with every bite. It could be divided into two broad categories of which one being the Mughlai Food of Hyderabad with biryanis, kebabs and salans which are flavoured with nuts, dry fruits, and exotic spices and the other one of Telangana which is all dals and pulao with a profuse amount of tamarind, the spicy gongura leaf and red hot chillies.

Next comes the cuisine which you will find most popular on the gastronomical globe when you travel to India. It comprises of a wide spectrum of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies with chief ingredients in all recipes being turmeric, tamarind, red chillies, whole pulses and asafoetida. Apart from the regular items like sambhar, dosa, idly, vada etc other dishes include a variety of stews (kozhambu) and rasam, variety of rice and desserts like mysore pak and payasam.

The cuisine of Kerela is symbolic of its culture, geographical position and rich past. The non-vegetarian dishes are spicy and full of flavour. The delicacies of Mappilas of Kerela are under the Arab influence that began in the 7th century like Pathiri is a type of pancake made of rice flour and Pathiri is a derived from the Arabic word fateerah. Kerala is also known for traditional dish, sadhyas which is served with boiled rice and a number of minor dishes. An ample of coconut is incorporated in most of the dishes.

The cuisine which can’t be ignored while discussing South Indian culinary delights is the cuisine of Karnataka. This cuisine is influenced by other South Indian states and Maharastra State in the north. Some dishes that are famous are Khara bath, Benne Dosa, Vangi bath, Bisibele Bath, Akki Roti etc. The famous city of Coorg is also renowned for zesty pork curries and the sides of Karnataka that touches the coast have innumerable varieties of seafood.


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